Monday, February 16, 2009

Bloodline - In My Dark Fantasy II(The Suffering)

Second chapter of their first single.... In My Dark Fantasy


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stigmata - A Dead Rose Wails For Light

From the 3rd upcoming untitled album by Stigmata

High-Speed Owl - Yantra Mantra

Good day fellow rockers,

Highspeed Owl, a project I began last summer with a couple of my friends is coming to life. It started as a demo track for raven06 but after hearing my friends feedback it caught more attention than at first. I felt that it had potential for a concept. A concept which I have alwasy been interested in since I reside far away from my motherland and my beloved mates. The concept, which is sharing music/melodies through the internet and composing them from different places in the world is nothing new to our cyber culture. We fancy the same fashion with Milk Drop Revelation. I should also mention that there's no originator for this concept. And this isnt a band or a group. It is more of a community for people like you and me who just love exploring music in its many elements despite being stranded in vast distances. Hence Highspeed becomes this open ground to open minded musicians around the world.

Currently messenger, Justin Strollo from Rinse Repeat and Slow Moses and myself have been bearing Highspeed Owl using different gadgetry and instruments.The unit has brewed a brand new track called "yantra manra" and its 80% carved. Guitars by me, the hyptonizing flutes plus rattling thovil sounds by messenger and the inspiring vocals by Justin Strollo. We just need that last element to throw the track overboard and set it sail out in the open waters. I'll leave you to find out what this element is. If anyone is interested please pm me or reply to this thread and we'll send u the almost completed track.

- Pitta

High Speed Owl, is not your typical band with a record deal and a flock of fans that follow them around ever so devortedly.To start with, they are not a band, but a concept.

The contributors ( thus far only three) believe in sharng music than producing it to the mass. Thus they have only started a baby mission with a big dream; which is sharing creativity, with each other and anyone else intrested. It could be anyone and everyone who is musically excited, or yet is to find that out about themselves.

High Speed Owl wishes to send an open invitation to any listener who is interested in contributing to this sharing process in some way. Highspeed Owl listens......

- messenger

This is a project of Pitta, from PLNS.

Cannabis Wallpaper

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde - Another side to Milinda

Another side to Milinda
An article on Dr.Milinda Salpitikorala on the Sunday Leader

In the intense rush of an emergency department of a hospital, where patients in need of the most urgent of emergency treatment are hurried in; motor accident victims, patients struck by heart attacks and strokes, the adrenaline never seems to cease.

But it does. After each rough day the department settles down to a relatively quiet evening of shifts shared by both nurses and doctors tending to patients like silent angels keeping watch.

One doctor, Milinda Salpitikorala, finds it the perfect place of solitude to explore another talent of his - art.

Attached to the emergency department of a leading private hospital in Colombo, Milinda can draw on anything, anywhere at anytime but saves his talent for when things go quiet at the hospital.

You can find him at a desk lit up by one lamp, headphones on, listening to his favourite band, possibly Dream Theatre, and sketching away at a frenzied rate.

Old man in dead winter, Sketch of a Yaka mask,
The Gampola era inspired swan and (inset) Milinda)

It's strange and amazing, the things that make some artists tick, the motivation that inspires them, how they get started, how they break creative blocks.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, Milinda says that like most artists, drawing came to him at an early age but the difference was, he could and would draw on anything and any time, creative blocks being a thing he never had to worry about.

He's managed to remain apart from the crowd, different, 'unconventional' one could say.

Talking about his work and being an artist Milinda remembers the early days when his desk at school was covered in so much art that it resembled graffiti, the same with benches and walls, even his father's law books. It seemed his hands had a mind of their own.

The self-taught artist has never been to art class but has learned Photoshop and Illustrator through trial and error. The obvious career path of advertising never crossed his mind; he won't stand for being told how to draw, although he had created logos for local metal bands including Fallen Grace and Raaksha.

He's also set to do some artwork for the book Celestial Trilogy by Arya.

His inspiration comes from the human body and working at a hospital he's seen a fair number. He says, "Most of my art involves the human body and I'm also a big rock fan, hence the art being a bit on the dark side."

Some of his favourite pieces are Hansaya (a drawing of a swan influenced from the Gampola era) an old man in dead winter, a Yaka mask and a scull with an unconventional skied Mohawk hairdo.

He dabbles in oil and even sculptures but says his favourite medium is charcoal and pencil.

He's currently gathering the best of his work for an exhibition, some of which is 'traditional Sri Lankan with a twist.' "I like Yakas, fresco stuff, I'm doing a series on Ramaanya, a different take on it," he says and when he's not painting or saving lives, it's rock and metal music or big fish and animals that grab his attention.

Whirlwind Live at Rock Saturday 2005 - 29th August

Whirlwind is a Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Sri Lanka, below is one of their semi-acoustic sets at Rock Saturday, 2005.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bloodline - In My Dark Fantasy (Re-recorded Version)

Bloodline is a Technical Death Metal band formed from the ashes of ETERNAL FEAR, from Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. This is a re-recorded version of their debut single 'In My Dark Fantasy'

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Siblings of Hatred - Infant Lucifer

Siblings of Hatred are known as the pioneering Black/Extreme Metal band from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Below is a video of one of their originals 'Infant Lucifer' at their final performance before the band split, at 'Ressurection', Organized by Whirlwind and the UMC.

Location - 4Shared
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Chithral Somapala - Nadee Ganga Tharanaye

The Native Sri Lankan, Chitral "Chity" Somapala (CIVILIZATION ONE) broke into the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Scene in 1996, and has recorded, toured, and made guest appearances with several bands around the world, including AVALON, FARO, FIREWIND, and RED CIRCUIT, to name a few.

His unmistakable style of singing combines the passion of blues and soul, with the heaviness of hard rock and heavy metal. Chity has been compared favorably to Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell + Dio) and Klaus Meine (Scorpions), and he has established himself as one of the leading heavy metal vocalists in the business today.

Chity is currently teaching vocals and bass guitar at Modern Music School in Trier, Germany as well as working as a session vocalist for different acts, and concentrating on his own band, CIVILIZATION ONE, who released the critically acclaimed "Revolution Rising" album in 2007.

Below is one of his BEST efforts so far, the 'LION BEER song' as all Sri Lankans know it. Here goes. Nadee Ganga.

Download 'Nadee Ganga Tharanaye' MP3

Pitta's late night show - Demo Tape/Bloody Cape

01. Alone in Jupiter
02. Arthame
03. In the absence of zero
04. Ugly Mirror
05. As I perchance hereafter shall think meet to put on an antic disposition
06. Blister Insistence under acid sun
07. Catch the traveling knob
08. D
09. Distress at upper atmosphere
10. Drifting sideways
11. Life inside and aquarium 2
12. Prodigal myths
13. Synaesthesia
14. Unsound

Download 'Demo Tape/Bloody Cape'

Whirlwind - Vacant Life

Official Video for 'Vacant Life' by Whirlwind. Uploaded at